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Box Folding Slotting and Scoring Assessment

One of the box manufacturing industries headaches is the correct

aligning of a Flexo Folder Gluer. It is all about the correctly

manufacturing of the FEFCO 0201 a "RSC" regular corrugated


Technology Coaching has developed the test and evaluation procedure BoxAssess. It allows to evaluate the feeding, slotting and folding of the board. New in this is that also over- and under- folding will be evaluated using a special device that also is used for measuring gap and panel alignment. It provides detailed information about the the folding accuracy but also about feeding and slotting accuracy. Using this method allows to align all parts of the FFG. It minimizes waste and set- up time but it also helps to get a good box geometry which maximizes the box strength. BoxAssess will support you to improve your RSC quality and reduces waste thus saves the environment.

This is a graphical example of the data results for

slotting and feeding.

Also folding is evaluated. The graphs show gap variation and


The following images explain the term “Under- and Over- Folding”:

The collected data allows identifying any problems in your

FFG but also what to do to correct them.

BoxAssess download

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Read more about folding variation in the following article:

“How to improve the folding of an RSC”

International Paper Board Industry, January 2012
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