Analogue Data Import

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Fast Analogue Data Import in Excel

To monitor product quality companies have a laboratory.

Older testing equipment is not connected to a PC and provides an analogue signal. In that case the lab operator collects data manually and keys the numbers in an excel spreadsheet. Technology Coaching developed software which in combination with an AD converter does this more efficient and accurate. The provided system allows to record 250 measurements per second for 8 channels. The collected data is stored directly in an excel spreadsheet and charts are created immediately after completing the measurement. This way the lab person is focused on results and quality and not distracted by keying in individual numbers.  The end result is that whilst using less resources a better inside is provided of the process investigated.

Fast Analogue data import

Download Brochure Contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation. Provide make and type of the analogue measuring equipment you would like to connect to a PC.