Remote Data Sensing

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Remote Data Sensing

Internet of things is well known but how do you collect dedicated data of your

process remote, safe and efficient? Technology Coaching can help you on how to

set this up via your own website or the TC website and help how to collect and

evaluate the collected data.

Remote data sensing: 1. Decide on data to be collected you find important or is critical for your process. 2. The data collected is neutral and will not show what it is. We only collect numbers. This makes the risk of abuse minimal unless an insider knows what data a specific sensor is collecting. 3. Decide with whom you want to share the data, suppliers and or customers. Some data can raise your company profile think of environmental data collected in your plant. 4. Reporting can be done in an easy way. Technology Coaching can help to download the data from a website in an easy and efficient way directly to a spreadsheet and convert it in graphs (a “one click” solution). In addition the implementation of life graphs etc. on your website Following graph is life weight data recorded from 2 scales. Following graphs are life environment data from 3 sensors. Technology Coaching can help making the right decisions related to remote (internet) data collection: 1. Setting up the collecting of data via internet 2. Making sure you are the owner not a third party! 3. Identifying what data to collect 4. Support in how to use and present the remote collected data Please contact Technology Coaching if you want more information or a quotation.
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